Lenny Conundrum

Every week, The Neopets Team releases a new Lenny Conundrum puzzle, and each week that puzzle gets posted on our blog. You can discuss with others the answer in the comments and come up with a solution! We also discuss the Mystery Picture Answers aswell!

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Lenny Conundrum - Round #

Simon was on his way home after a fun time shopping in the marketplace. Simon wanted to beat his own record for most bounces on his favourite bouncy ball so he carefully walked as he counted his steps and bounces in turn. Unfortunately, since Simon had concentrated so hard on bouncing the ball, he didn't pay attention to his surroundings!

Bounce! Bounce! Smack!

Simon looked down in dismay and realized that his prized bouncy ball had fallen down into an old mini golf hole. Simon remembered that this golf course had been abandoned because the holes were too deep and people couldn't retrieve their balls. Simon studied the golf hole sadly as he realized how close the bouncy ball was. The ball was barely 5 cm away but he couldn't fit his hand into the hole to retrieve it.

Simon decided to look through the items he purchased earlier to see if there was anything he could use. He found a half-eaten biscuit umbrella, cloud paddle brush, butter knife, twine, and a water pitcher.

Simon suddenly had an idea and was able to successfully retrieve his undamaged bouncy ball.

How did Simon do it?