Lenny Conundrum

Every week, The Neopets Team releases a new Lenny Conundrum puzzle, and each week that puzzle gets posted on our blog. You can discuss with others the answer in the comments and come up with a solution! We also discuss the Mystery Picture Answers aswell!

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Friday, April 12, 2013

Secret to Making Easy and Fast Neopoints!

Have you ever wondered how those top players accumulated their mass fortunes? 
Don't you ever wish, why you can't do the same? 
Well truth being said, you can't. 
Well at least you can't on your own. 
Contrary to popular belief, all the high end players such as hrobi, munsterpoo, featheralley, etc. did not amass their fortunes in legitimate means. 
Most of these really high end players, use to be very good friends with the staff, so let's just say a lot of item were generated in their favor.  
Needless to say, this wasn't/isn't the only way they got their riches.
Another way, the more popular way, especially with all the rich users nowadays, is to buy your way to the top.
With sites like http://neopoints.in, you can Buy Neopoints, Buy Neopets Items, Buy Neopets Accounts, Buy Unconverted Neopets, and more!

So if your wondering how all these new users suddenly pop up with old rare items, or how users suddenly pop up with Unconverted Neopets, you now know the answer! So what are you waiting for, don't you want to reach the top!?