Lenny Conundrum

Every week, The Neopets Team releases a new Lenny Conundrum puzzle, and each week that puzzle gets posted on our blog. You can discuss with others the answer in the comments and come up with a solution! We also discuss the Mystery Picture Answers aswell!

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Sunday, September 18, 2016

What Happened to the Neopets Lenny Conundrum?

Just a #repost, for those of you who are wondering what happened.

This is from one of their past editorials;
"Is the Lenny Conundrum discontinued? It hasn't been updated in a while. ~istealyourmspp
As mentioned in the July 25th news, the prize award script is malfunctioning and we've decided to postpone the competition until further notice."

It has almost been two months since the last Lenny Conundrum (Just 21 was the last one)! We demand some answers TNT! Surely it shouldn't take your lousy programmers over two months to fix a prize script! 

TNT has yet to fix this simple prize script. Perhaps the problem lies further, that they don't have a content team to continuously update the Conundrum every week.