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Sunday, February 03, 2013

Unconverted Neopets

On April 27th, 2007, TNT brought in a whole new feature allowing you to customize pets.
To do so however, they had to bring in all new art work where the pose of all pets were the same.

Since completely changing the artwork was not fair for users who loved their current neopets,
TNT gave the option to users who already had the old artwork pets to keep them that way.

Those old art pets are what's considered to be uc neopets or unconverted neopets.

Those UC pets today are highly sought after and rare. Since the number of the unconverted
 neopets has drastically decreased since 2007 to present date due to hackings, freezings, converting, etc.

Due to the increased popularity and demand of uc pets, people have set up shops selling these Neopets.
 Our friends over at Neopoints.in have setup a reliable shop where they offer plenty of Unconverted Neopets.

If you would like to visit their shop to see what they have for sale, visit the link below;

Here are a few of our favorites;