Lenny Conundrum

Every week, The Neopets Team releases a new Lenny Conundrum puzzle, and each week that puzzle gets posted on our blog. You can discuss with others the answer in the comments and come up with a solution! We also discuss the Mystery Picture Answers aswell!

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Lenny Conundrum - Round #430

Doug, Cindy, Austin, and Zorblox are all preparing for a delicious turkey feast. While waiting, they start to quarrel over who can eat the most!

Zorblox can eat more turkey than Austin, but Cindy can best Zorblox. Austin can out-eat Doug, but Cindy can eat more than Austin. So:

  1. Zorblox can eat more than Doug but can't eat more than Austin.

  2. Both Doug and Cindy can out-eat Zorblox.

  3. Zorblox can eat more than Doug by more than he can out-eat Austin.

  4. None of the above!

Which of the above is correct?

Enter just the letter corresponding to the correct answer.


  1. what is correct? a, b, c or d

  2. C is right. Just a bit of logic. C > Z > A > D

  3. I'm thinking B.

  4. You fucking numb nuts - the answer is C

  5. bad language isn't necessary...but the answer is C.

  6. The answer is C.

    In order of who can eat the most...
    Cindy, Zorblox, Austin, Doug.

    Zorblox is a weird name...

  7. I also got C. Isn't Zorblox a wierd name?

  8. I got D. We have no idea by 'how much' Zorblox can out-eat Austin.

  9. Wow. Just cuz the winner THT can eat most starts with c doesn't mean c is right. It's not who it's which is true and if one out eats another, they can't be equally out eaten.

  10. I got C. Within the first minute of posting. Hopefully it's right :)

  11. its Cindy, Zorblox, Austin, Doug but think bout it. its saying Zorblox can eat more versing Doug than he can versing Austin its still says Zorblox is a better eater so i think C :)

  12. jw were do u go to solve this??

  13. Guys, I think is "D"

    Doug can't out-eat Austin therefore this statement becomes false. Knowing the fact that he can't out eat Austin because Austin can out-eat Doug thus the statements of "Zorblox can eat more than Doug by more than he can out-eat Austin" becomes completely not true.

    If it was: Zorblox can eat more than Doug by more than Austin can out-eat him, then... Because it is stating that Zorblox can eat more than Austin therefore if Austin out-eat Doug then Zorblox eats much more than Doug.

    Zorblox > Austin > Doug

    Don't know. What do you think? they are playing with the words.

  14. I think is a trick so

  15. C, very easy.

    C > Z > A > D

  16. And Zorblox definitely can eat more than doug by more than he can out-eat Austin because..

    Zorblox eats more than Austin. Let's say by 1 bread roll. And Austin eats more than Doug, let's say by 1 bread roll as well. Therefore Zorblox eats more than Doug by two bread rolls!
    So, Z eats more than D (2) more than he out-eats A (1)

  17. Its c.
    Will you listen I got it immediatly.
    Cindy can out eat Zorblox
    Zorblox can out eat Austin
    Austin can out eat Doug
    So Its C becuz Zorblox can eat more then Doug more then he can eat more then Austin

  18. Its C... the last 1 weeks have been too easy TNT -.-

  19. It's C,
    Zorblox can eat more turkey than Austin, Austin can out-eat Doug, so
    Zorblox can eat more than Doug by more than he can out-eat Austin.

  20. Well, this is actually computing logic, one of the simplest ones at that and when a beats b and b beats c, in conclusion a automatically beats c. Doesn't matter. Answer c hands down.

  21. its either c or d, imma little confused by c though...

  22. Me too. First it seems to easy and second C looks more like a play of words to confuse you.

  23. Zorblox can eat more turkey than Austin
    >>>but it doesn't say that he can out-eat austin in all other kinds of food...

  24. c>z

    All > d


    Statement A is incorrect as 3 is higher than 1 and 2
    Statement B is incorrect as 1 is less than 3 although 4 is more than 3
    Statement C is correct because 3 is more than 1 and 2, and 1 is less than 2
    Statement D is incorrect as Statement C is true.

    So statement C is correct.

  25. Answer came out it's d noobs

  26. The Answer is C, I just got the trophy for answering C... not sure about the noob above me though.

  27. The Answer Is C

    How Do You Earn A Trophy? Ive Been Doing The Lenny Conundrum For Months And Gotten My Answers Correct But Never Do I Receive A Trophy..

  28. Be quick and sharp, snipe when the new conundrum begins and submit the answer as fast as you can! try to be in the first 250 people to answer correctly, the longer you wait, the smaller your chances as you're competing with hundreds and thousands of others around the world.

  29. Yeah it's C.
    Come on people- why do you have to curse? Some people just can't think as fast as others on a word problem! It doesn't matter! It took me, what, twenty minutes or so to unfold everything. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all. Goodness.