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Every week, The Neopets Team releases a new Lenny Conundrum puzzle, and each week that puzzle gets posted on our blog. You can discuss with others the answer in the comments and come up with a solution! We also discuss the Mystery Picture Answers aswell!

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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Mystery Picture Competition #1058

Current Competition Ends : Thursday, November 10th

What is this?!?

(please use keywords, and keep guesses under 50 characters)


  1. looks darigan

  2. This looks like kreludor or darigan citedeal or something?

  3. i think its the kreuldor meteor crash site 725-XZ

  4. its not kreuldor meteor crash site. Ive zoomed and checked. Def not it. theres not that color purples/greyish in the meteor.

  5. the top half has too much solid colour to be a Pet

  6. I wonder if anyone will post the answer

  7. If they do I'll be pretty peeved, I've just spent hours finding the damn thing myself.
    It's not a hard one to find, look for the colour that's on there

  8. how is that greedy, lol
    you spend a few hours looking for the damn thing your self.
    LAZY people.

  9. People spend hours trying to find something related to a GAME? I mean, Neopets is still a GAME. And most I got for last mystery pic was a silver trophy, a 9k item, and 7k in Neopoints. Chillax people, I seriously love Neo as much as the next guy but it's still a GAME and it's meant to be fun. Yes, people give away the answers and yes, lazy people will copy them and get the prize. But so what? Is the world gonna end? I mean, I'm in my mid 20s and I go on there to have fun and relax but I always go back to my normal IRL stuff at the end of the day. I have too many problems IRL, things to worry about, and I can't believe that whiny people like you take NEOPETS of all things SO damn seriously that you have to be so rude, full of so much greed, and that you've sat around for hours and are now being offensive because YOU took the time to sit around for hours and you now feel more OBLIGATED to win the prizes, etc. rather than, let's say... someone who still wants the trophy/prize but has kids like I do and can't afford to sit on their asses all day like you do. It's a game, so what if people give away answers, GET. THE. FUCK. OVER. IT.

    I said all I needed to say to this anon. I'm pretty sure it's the same anon that keeps popping up and causing a bitch fest. So there you go. Much needed reality check for you. You're welcome.

  10. Also, if this were the lottery, and you were worried about giving out IRL winning lottery numbers, I could totally understand your hostility and defensiveness.

    But you're just being lame at this point. I mean, I totally get why you'd be mad if you sat around on your ass for hours and found the answer, and someone who didn't try as hard cheated and copied --- but seriously? Getting all moody, defensive, and hostile over a GAME, over virtual currency, and getting butt hurt like that? Like I said, I'd gladly sit around on my ass and look for the mystery pic answer myself but I have kids, a full time job, and a baby on the way. Plus, even in my right mind, I would never take a game so seriously. I mean, I'm serious about it in the sense that I work hard on the games, paint my pets, try my best at it, etc. but not everyone is good at these riddles and conundrums. ESPECIALLY people who don't have the time to look.

    All in all, I understand why you're butthurt. I mean, if you take this whole mystery pic business SO seriously and want NO ONE else to know the answer, then fine. But so what if people post? Are you going to come in and throw a bitch fest like a little girl who's in kindergarten? Grow. up.

  11. actually I've only been looking around this site for a week or so, so keep your assumptions to yourself, how was it rude of me to call someone lazy when that's the behavior they've shown?
    it may not be a big deal to all the older kids and such that play, but I know when I help my little cousin find the damn mystery pic that she goes mental with happiness, because to her it is a very big deal, this is the second time I've been able to find it for her, the first time was a fluke but it was too late so she didn't get the trophy, this time I hope she can because it will make HER happy, so before you talk about me being fucking greedy anon get your facts straight.
    I don't have a neopets account myself but my cousin is too young to work it out for herself so I sit and teach her how to play games and help her do quests, I don't sit on my ass all day I have a life, like you claim to have, I'm in uni, I have a job, but if i want to sit around for a few hours to make my cousin happy then I will do so.

    There's your much needed reality check. You're welcome.

  12. hostility? the heck is wrong with you, you're the one who had to type two massive text walls.

  13. And how do you know we don't have little cousins, daughters, sons, or even friends that want the mystery pic (I have FOUR little ones that LOVE Neopets and Monkey Quest) answer, hmm? And perhaps they and I are never smart enough to figure these things out themselves. Now how about YOU keep your assumptions to yourself before spilling out your sob story.

  14. lol it's not a sob story, you assumed I'm trying to keep an aspect of a game a secret for my own personal gain, I replied.
    don't fling accusations around if you don't want some back, anon

  15. "There's your much needed reality check. You're welcome."

    I don't need a reality check. I am too busy worrying about my daughter, my husband, and my family, getting crap done, rather than acting all butthurt because people give answers away to a GAME. Maybe when you grow up or gain some intelligence, you'll learn there's more to life.

    And for your information, yes, I do have little ones that play Neo and if you're going to use the whole "BAWWWWWW, my little cousins want the trophy/prize" then I can too.

  16. Oh, I never said just for your personal gain.

    Like I said, you think people are lazy because they have no time to sit around for hours.

    I called you out on taking a game too seriously, caring about it too much, and being rude (WHICH YOU WERE) or did you forget the time you went in and were all like "I WILL BE PISSED IF SOMEONE POSTS THE ANSWER, OMGGG I LOOKED FOR HOURS"

    Which WAS rude, whether it was your opinion or not --- this is a place where people post answers and you are just flaming and it's uncalled for at a place that is specialized for these sort of things.

    I call you out on being rude, and you suddenly give me a sob story about your little cousin wanting the answer.

    And I just told you that I have little ones in my family that play Neo and would maybe want the answer too, and I'm sure other people posting feel the same way you do, anon. You're not the only one with 'needs' here.

    So all in all


    You lose. There's your reality check. I'm 29, don't you be giving me any reality checks, now. Don't need them.

    You're welcome.

  17. you're calling me butthurt for calling someone lazy?
    it was a simple comment, and yes i stand by it, they are lazy if they copy and paste an answer,
    you had to write walls and walls of text for one offhanded comment,
    bravo anon bravo, i'm clearly the one taking things too seriously.
    again, if you tell me I'm doing one thing and I am not, I'll tell you my situation.

    Maybe I should just be immature like you next time?

  18. Yes, I write a lot. I'm an English major and have been for years now. Writing a wall of text does not bother me/is not a chore for me. I rather enjoyed it, actually. And I'm quite mature here, thank you.

    Now think of something better to say than questioning my maturity. Seeing as you don't know me and I am probably MUCH older than you, if not ten years older than you AT LEAST, I'd seriously stop rambling.

    Yes, it was a simple comment, and I'm not saying you CAN'T stand by it or support it. But your comment WAS degrading, demeaning, and you basically said "Anyone who didn't look REALLY hard for this is lazy."

    And I'm not even saying we're NOT lazy, I am just telling you that you need to chill out because people WILL post the answer here, and all of us "OMG LAZY" people will copy the answer and we will submit it. Of course, I won't, seeing as how I got the trophy already --- but maybe some other poor soul can submit the answers for their little cousins, eh? I mean, you don't know why people lurk here and want the answers posted. So how about you stop assuming things? It's just Neopets. JUST Neopets. And yes, I wrote a wall of text for JUST one comment, but so what? It's not your business how much I write.

  19. and where did i say i will be pissed off and caps rage exactly, please point that out to me.

  20. Can't comprehend sarcasm? My bad.

  21. also I'm saying people who just sit around and expect others to do the work for them without a reason ARE lazy.
    again you keep using OMG and capatalising everything 'I' say, please be more accurate when quoting, otherwise it isn't going to help your point as it isn't something I've said.

  22. you're telling me to chill out when I posted that comment as nothing other than, this is irksome, peeved is not the equivalence of anger, it's a small annoyance, like a mosquito bite.
    ie make the comment, sigh, and move on with my life
    I'm not sitting here fuming and raging all over the place as you seem to think.
    You took one insignificant comment and turned it into a giant arguement, which I can assure you would continue to move in circles if I could be bothered further with this,
    but alas I cannot, have fun with your life anon,
    argue to the death with the next poor soul who wanders across your path~

  23. This is how I type. Deal with it. On the internet, I like to re-phrase things that people say, make everything more dramatic sounding, and add a little finesse to it. I don't speak in all caps or go OMG in real life so please remember that I am a real person and don't comment on how I type or word my sentences. Please and thank you.

    And forgive me but you kind of came in and called us lazy.

    "If they do I'll be pretty peeved, I've just spent hours finding the damn thing myself."

    I mean, it sounded like you were pretty much saying anyone who didn't find the answers themselves shouldn't know it, right? Or is my English lacking? I mean, I'm pretty sure I comprehended that sentence correctly.

    Then, you went on to tell me about your little cousin who wants the answer, yada yada yada. But then you ended up being a hypocrite because you don't know why people want the answers, themselves, and they may be for similar reasons. I, for example, am dyslexic and have a touch of aspergers on top with a learning disability due to being 3 months premature. You can put the most basic riddle in front of me but it could take me much longer to figure out than a 'regular person'

    And then you contradicted yourself again by saying "also I'm saying people who just sit around and expect others to do the work for them without a reason ARE lazy." because how do YOU know what people's reasons are? And how can you say they are better than yours?

    Like I said, I have a daughter, a baby on the way, etc. and I personally can't look for the answer. Does that make me a lazy person? No. Perhaps in Neopets terms, yes, but I can promise you that my day involves a lot more than gaming and looking for answers to things I have no time to find.

    And honestly, if my daughter were old enough for Neopets, and wanted the damn trophy/prize, I'd want to get it for her too but if I don't have the time/the ability to be good at guessing/solving these things, then I'd come to places like THESE looking for the answer.

    And that would be my reason. And people have different reasons. Since you just said "Anyone without a REASON (you probably meant a good reason) are lazy, that just proves it's a hypocritical statement because you don't know people's reasons.

    Meaning, you had no right to come in here and accuse us all of being lazy bums who can't sit around and find the answer themselves. THAT'S the only reason I got annoyed with you. I'm not taking this too personally at all, I just believe that you've posted here before with similar comments/remarks and it can come off as very un-called for in a place that specializes in giving away LC/PC answers and you're basically coming in and saying "No one post, everyone is lazy unless they find it themselves."

    I mean, really? Like I said, it's still just a game and you can justify it all you want by bringing your little cousin in, etc. but loosen up.

    And yes, I write wall of texts. I type/write fast and I like to prove a point, regardless of how minor it is. Just because I write a lot does not mean I'm immature, lame, or have no life, so any comments saying such will be disregarded.

  24. LC/MP*

    Aaaand, if I made any more typos, I just pulled an all nighter.

    Actually, I was going to apologize for coming off as so rude, because if your whole cousin story is true and whatnot, I TOTALLY get that, but.

    Yeah, we aren't all lazy bums who just don't want to look for the pic.

    But yes, I am sorry. Truly. I was rude but you were rude too, even if you don't find it to be so, I still saw it as rude and someone else did too and there's nothing wrong with admitting you were a bit rude. I can admit I was.

    But then you said "poor soul who wanders across your path" as if you assume I argue like this IRL, or with EVERYONE I meet/get in a disagreement with which was kind of uncalled for considering I already told you I am almost 30, am busy with my kids, etc. and don't have TIME to argue with ANYONE unless it's a little online quarrel like this one --- but there we go with the assumptions. At least my assumptions were based on the words that you said. And if you weren't as 'butthurt' as you sounded, and it was just an innocent comment, and no biggie, then fine. I'm glad you're not too serious/offended by the fact that I called you out on taking a game too seriously.

    And don't worry, I won't lose any sleep over this, either. And I'll try to go easy on the poor soul who argues with me next time. Thank you, I'll remember your advice. I'll go REAL easy on that poor soul next time.

  25. Fine I'll admit I got rude as well, my original point was and I should have included if you have no reason, that people shouldn't expect it handed to them, and you can say to consider that others may have a reason, but going by many of the other posts on here and reading the comment (early mystery pics and conundrums) most of the people sit around for two seconds decide they can't find it and wait for the answer.
    and yes, I did get the answer for my cousin, she's 7, she can't even count all the potatoes in potatoe counter if it gets above 40 (she learns a little slowly) I didn't mean to bring that up as a 'sob story' I thought it may help people understand why it did get under my skin in the first place that people just expect someone to post the answer for them, but then people just assume I'm garnering sympathy, but as an anon, what would the point of that be.

    The reason I said 'poor soul who crosses your path' is yes I'll admit at that point I was a bit defensive, but it was meant more in jest at the pointless arguement we just had, (also rereading it, it sounds like i meant I'm a poor soul or something, but that was not my intention either)
    and in not having an account on this game it should show that I'm not taking it too seriously or not posting an answer out of greed.
    I do not like being misquoted or misrepresented, in quoting me as "OMG LAZY" it portrays me as some kind of hormonal teen drama queen, which I am not I'm 22, it was not meant as a correction of your sentence structure or anything of that sort, in all honesty it just reminded me of teenage drama and made me want to read what you were saying rather a lot less.
    You seem to think I've been around posting comments a lot on this site, this is the first time I've commented anything beyond a hint to others or a reply to someone else asking something about the competition times.
    That is the down side of not having any other social media accounts, it leaves anon which doesn't let you be recognized.
    I make typos as well, my keys are worn out haha

    Honestly, I'm still not that fussed if someone posts the answer and it'll still juts make me tsk and move on, I probably wont even return to this page after this any way.

    even after this I hold nothing against you, if you want to voice your opinion go ahead, I'm happy to discuss, I was going to leave it at my last coment, especially after your initial reply, because in essence arguing over this holds no value, but you were polite in your second comment, so I felt it warrants response.

    and I'm sorry if I've offended you through anything I've said and
    I hope you have a nice night anon

  26. and before someone comments again about my cousin, that is what made me annoyed in the first place, I did get rather irritated as I felt that by sharing an answer to however many people who are literally just lazy and can't be bothered looking because someone will eventually post the answer for them even though they can do it fine for them selves, I feel like that's taking something from her, so yes that IS a sensitive issue for me, which is why I was remotely irritated in the first place.

  27. Anyone want to give me a hint? I found out last weeks, but everyone here already had it. Can't find a home for this one.

  28. the easiest way to eliminate places is to look for the main colour in the top half, it isn't as common as it looks when you compare the images in separate tabs

  29. I was trying to follow this whole Anonymous conversation but I had no idea who was who after about the 4th message haha

  30. kind of looks like someone hair.

  31. can someone give a clue? I've been looking for almost two hours and still can't find it. I have work in about almost hour and after I won't have time to do it. It would be a great help, thank you.

  32. Agreed. A clue would be appreciated to narrow my search. I have both work and classes, so my search time is limited.

  33. Same here. Children, work and classes myself. The only free time I have is sleep.

  34. Do kids play this anymore? Lol

  35. I think people spend hours because of the achievement gained? I mean games are supposed to be fun and challenging. So when people play games they want to.

  36. can you just fuck off no one gives a shit if its just a game, some people enjoy it as a hobbie you fuckwit

  37. something faerie ruins or darigan I think...I found the exact colour in Darigan Citadel but the image doesn't fit anywhere :/ help would be much appreciated...

  38. what a large unnecessary amount of comments, considering none have clues/answers.

  39. Judorah maybe?

  40. please god sum1 gibve me the answer

  41. i tink me kno it!!!1 i found de ansor.e.. it"dariganyurble"

  42. it looks like an acara or something. idk, the top reminds me of its horns or something...

  43. nevermind. I just checked everything having to do with acaras. it really looks like something with jhudora or darigan citadel or something.