Lenny Conundrum

Every week, The Neopets Team releases a new Lenny Conundrum puzzle, and each week that puzzle gets posted on our blog. You can discuss with others the answer in the comments and come up with a solution! We also discuss the Mystery Picture Answers aswell!

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Mystery Picture Competition #1069

Current Competition Ends : Thursday, December 22nd

What is this?!?

(please use keywords, and keep guesses under 50 characters)


  1. Ok. The answer is THERE.

    We want the answer HERE.

    Now, help us.

  2. That wouldn't be very smart on my behalf if I did that now, would it? It's THERE for a reason.

  3. Ok. If anyone want now the answer quickly, and have money, go to your site.

    If no (70% here), you can help us? Just... a clue. Is a petpet, a pet, an item?

  4. If you don't stop posting that link here, you site will be reported and taken down.
    So cut.

    People are here to discuss the answer.
    If your not going to help, leave.

  5. Maybe the answer is the prize
    I don´t know, its just an idea :)

  6. Oh well, I guess no more hints.

  7. Please give us a hint!

  8. No more hints, it's clear that LennyC Solver doesn't appreciate my help.

  9. But your hints are helpful! They should let you post; it's not like you're telling us to buy anything. :(

  10. Neomail me the site somehow. I actually use that and I dont remember the name of the site ever I always go here to find it..

  11. i think that it may be a nose of a winter neopet such as Kau, Mynci, Gelert, or Flotsam

  12. or a christmas Ashia

  13. It has nothing to do with a painted christmas pet.. if you go look at all the noses of the christmas pets you'll see that the color red is much more fire truck red and the color in the picture has more purple to it.
    Also.. half of the pets you mentioned have rudolf noses for christmas.

  14. isnt it obvious? its Caption Contest #864.